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Cockroaches in San Antonio, TX

Cockroaches are one of the most annoying pests for any homeowner. They carry a number of diseases, reproduce quickly, and can scare anyone when they crawl across your floor in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately for us in the Lone Star State, cockroaches are one of the most common pests to encounter. Cockroaches thrive in warm weather, so Texas gives them a piece of heaven with its weather, floods, heat waves, or colder temperatures that will drive cockroaches inside your home. Texas homes also can often be more humid than outside, so a cockroach will wander into a home looking for water as well.

Trustworthy Cockroach Control San Antonio

Cockroaches are well-known for their resiliency whether it is invading a home, surviving chemicals, or the notorious myth of surviving nuclear bombs. Nevertheless, cockroaches are a handful for any resident and to properly eliminate them you’ll have to enlist the help of professional pest control experts. Luckily, Urban Texas Pest Control has got you covered. We service the San Antonio area with processes that are tried and true.

Urban Texas Pest Control has built a strong reputation among our customers and we’re always glad to earn your business through our past results. Our experienced team is ready to treat your home and put your mind at ease with cockroaches. Urban Texas Pest Control offers longtime warranties and guarantees so you can trust we will get it done the right way.


There are a handful of ways cockroaches manage to invade your San Antonio home. They can enter through the smallest of cracks or holes along your home, vents, or gaps between floors and walls. Sometimes they even get in through window screens, air conditioning units that aren’t properly fitted, pipes, and trash cans.

Like other pests, they are searching for either food, water, or shelter. Cockroaches aren’t picky eaters, so they will make do with what they can find in your home if they get in. They are known to eat book bindings, grease, soap, cardboard, or wallpaper paste. Cockroaches’ search for moisture likely makes any home a great place to camp in. Leaky pipes, condensation from a refrigerator or AC unit, or humid areas of a home are spots they hang out. In extreme weather conditions, the outside can’t sustain a cockroach. Their underground burrows can be flushed out from water or get too hot in excessive heat.


Leave cockroach control to the professionals. Our skilled specialists in San Antonio, TX will put a stop to any pest problem. Our experience, knowledge, and chemical treatments are no match for the cockroaches making your home their own.

Urban Texas Pest Control’s treatment starts with a thorough inspection of your home. When dealing with resilient and stealthy pests like cockroaches, every aspect of the treatment needs to be meticulous and effective. We will identify hotspots in and around your home and customize a solution tailored to you. With our trusted environmentally friendly chemical application, we’ll exterminate pests quickly, but, more importantly, keep them away.


Knowing that cockroaches are primarily looking for food, water, or shelter, you should be able to implement a few tricks to prevent them from invading your space. While a clean home is a great start, it isn’t enough. Sealing off any entry points is essential. When Urban Texas Pest Control inspects your home, we can point out problematic areas you should take care of. This will stop their means to enter.

Once you eliminate their entrance, you’ll want to discourage them from entering in the first place by cracking down on open food or moisture sources. Sealing food, taking out the trash regularly, and avoiding cluttered spots will give them nothing to munch on if they find their way in. On top of that, fixing leaky pipes and putting a dehumidifier in the attic or basement will cut down on the moisture present in your home.

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