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Infestations of pests may make resting in your house a chore. Pesky tiny bugs can terrify your entire home, wreak havoc, and even spread diseases. Pest infestations are more common in San Antonio, Texas, where the year-round environment is conducive to the growth of home pests.

Unfortunately, getting rid of pests is not a do-it-yourself activity. It’s a job that’s best left to the pros, like Urban Desert Pest Control.

We can handle any insect infestation. In San Antonio, Texas, we’ve dealt with almost every type of insect. Urban Texas Pest can handle anything from scorpions, ticks, bedbugs, or even those notorious cockroaches.

We have a crew that is well trained and qualified to handle any pest problem. Our objective is to provide you with a pest-free environment in which you may live in peace.

San Antonio Pest Control

Urban Texas Pest Control has earned a reputation for serving San Antonio residents with high-quality pest control services. We are familiar with the pests that often infest houses in the area and have expertise handling them in a safe and long-term manner. No matter how large the infestation is, you can count on our staff to get rid of it.

Many people have attempted home remedies, but they only have a tiny probability of completely eliminating a pest population. The best course of action is to contact Urban Texas Pest Control, who will identify the species and implement an effective approach to break the lifecycle and avoid further infestations.

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