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Black widow spiders are one of the most dangerous spiders in Texas and even North America. Unfortunately to the Lone Star State, black widows are one of the most common species of spiders found in Texas. There’s only two kinds of venomous spiders in Texas: black widow and brown recluse, and both should be avoided at all cost.  

Why is a black widow so dangerous? They are so venomous that their bite alters a victim’s nervous system. At first it will only appear as two small holes from the black widow’s fangs, but soon a victim will feel the severe effects. Apart from the pain of the bite, symptoms can include muscle cramps, chest pain, weakness, spasms, tremor, chills, nausea, dizziness, stiffness, trouble breathing, fever, or an increased blood pressure and heart rate. In short, you do not want to encounter these creatures. Any spider bite victim of a black widow or suspected black widow should seek immediate medical attention.

Trustworthy Black Widow Control San Antonio

On top of being a danger to you and your family, black widow infestations are a comfortability problem to any homeowner or resident. You’ll want any black widows eradicated from your home quickly and efficiently, which means you’ll need to count on the pest control professionals instead of handling the problem alone. Look no further than the experts at Urban Texas. With us tackling any pest control problem, you can rest assured in your home’s safety.  

We understand just how serious a pest infestation is, especially if it’s black widow spiders. Urban Texas invests in the proper training and chemicals to not just eradicate black widows from your property but to keep them out for good. As a family-owned company, Urban Texas treats every customer’s home with the same care and attention we devote to our own homes.


Black widow spiders are most active during hotter temperatures, typically at 70 degrees or higher. So you’ll see them more in the spring through fall, but they can still survive and wander around at lower temperatures. They live in protected, typically wooded, areas such as firewood piles, barns, or outhouses. If they migrate indoors, black widows prefer cluttered and dark areas, primarily a basement, attic, or crawl space.

A nocturnal hunter, the black widow will spin “irregular” webs (uneven, tangled-looking webs composed of stronger threads than normal spiders) at night and hang upside down waiting for prey. Black widows are known to be relatively dosile unless protecting eggs, which is good considering how powerful their venomous bite is. They are less likely to invade a house, but they certainly will if the cool, dark, insect-infested conditions are right.

You’ll also be able to identify a female black widow spider with their pure black body with a distinctive red hourglass on their stomach. Their size is approximately 1 and a half inches long. Female black widows are the only ones that bite and they eat males after mating, hence the name “widow”, which is why this is probably the more occurring spider you’ll likely find.


If you notice a black widow, possible signs of infestation, or you just want to be sure a black widow isn’t in or near your home, contact a pest control service immediately. You don’t want them hanging around and possibly laying eggs, multiplying your problems.

Urban Texas’s professional treatment first includes an inspection of your home to find areas of infestation. From there, we can identify where to use our chemical treatments that will kill spiders and fend them off from returning. We offer a regularly occurring service and protection warranty, so you can trust we’re committed to getting the job done.


You can play a crucial part in keeping black widow spiders away with a few actions. Reduce clutter in dark, cool, and more accessible areas of your house. If you’re moving items that have been kept in one spot for a long time, wear gloves when handling them to protect yourself from a possible spider bite. You should keep firewood a reasonable distance from your home and elevate it a few inches with a firewood rack, don’t leave clutters of leaves, and routinely maintain your lawn and home’s perimeter to eliminate comfortable hiding spots.

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A black widow’s venomous bite is arguably stronger than a rattlesnake’s. Don’t ignore a possible infestation in your home or handle it by yourself. Trust the experienced team at Urban Texas. With over two decades of experience, we are your go-to company to keep black widow spiders away. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our services.

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