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Bed Bugs in San Antonio, TX

Bed bugs, while not entirely common in Texas overall, do have a greater presence in more popular cities generally in the United States, such as in the San Antonio area. They enter a home through luggage, clothing, beds or couches, and similar items. This is how bed bugs spread: virtually undetected and increasing to spread through bigger and more trafficked crowds. It can be tough to get a grip on bed bugs, but they’re a persistent pest that can cause a number of issues to any victim they lack on to.

On top of being a general nuisance and worry, bed bugs can have a few minor, harmful effects to humans. Bed bug bites cause victims to have rashes, blisters, and constant itchiness. Other symptoms include tiredness or fever. These symptoms can appear shortly after or even a day or two later. Having the width of nearly a credit card and only living on blood, bed bugs are tenacious masters of stealth.

Trustworthy Bed Bug Control San Antonio

With how quickly bed bugs can spread, there’s no doubt you want an expert team to handle your bed bug control. Urban Texas Pest Control has a fleet of experienced professionals who can put your bed bug problem to rest. Our process is tried and true, proving successful year after year. We take pride in our superior customer service and results.


One thing to keep in mind is that a bed bug infestation doesn’t indicate a home is dirty. Bed bugs don’t find their way into a home through cracks, holes, or chew their way in. Because they are transported through bedding, bags, or clothes, bed bugs can wind up in any home, regardless of how clean it is.

The biggest cause of bed bugs entering your home is attaching themselves to your clothes or luggage from a hotel after traveling, public transportation, or other populated areas you may have been. They don’t build a nest like bees or ants, but instead they live in groups in random hiding places. Bed bugs travel and reproduce quickly.

Bed bugs’ only food source is blood. In order to develop and survive, they must regularly feed on blood. So, they are crafty in their hiding, such as pillows, bedding, or bedroom furniture, where they can stealthily bite humans at night.


It’s difficult to deal with a bed bug problem on your own, because they can hide well for months. But it’s imperative to identify and eradicate an infestation before a bed bug nymph reaches maturity, or else it will lay eggs. Once bed bugs reproduce and grow, the infestation control will be out of your hands.

Urban Texas Pest Control carefully uses a treatment of chemicals and traps to eliminate bed bugs. It’s another thing to note that bed bugs can evade pesticides, so trust experts with their persistent treatment and process if needed. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, be ahead of the problem and contact us.


There’s no doubt you want to play a proactive role to prevent bed bugs. Luckily, there are a handful of tricks you can do to keep bed bugs away.

When you travel, put clothing or bedding in vacuum-sealed bags. This will keep bed bugs out of your clothes while also reducing space for your luggage. Covering power outlets puts a stop to one of the routes bed bugs use to evade extermination. The smart critters they are, bed bugs know to travel through electrical outlets to stay hidden and safe.

Regularly vacuum your floor and clean bedding. Bed bugs can be hiding in other areas of the house, so cleaning key spots like your carpet and couch can put a stop to them. Reducing clutter can also eliminate another hiding spot for bed bugs.

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If you want a comfortable sleep, you’ll need to first get rid of any bed bugs in your home. Urban Texas Pest Control can help bring the peace of home back and keep your family safe by eradicating bed bugs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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