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Silverfish in San Antonio, TX

Silverfish, who get their name from their fish-like figure and movements along with their metallic, silver look, are a growing problem for homeowners, especially those in Texas. Like most insects, silverfish thrive in heat and humidity, but because Texas is more dry than humid, silverfish will search for humidity indoors. Texas homes are more humid compared to the dry, hot outdoors, so silverfish are more commonly found indoors rather than outside in Texas.

While silverfish aren’t directly harmful to humans (they don’t bite or sting), they can still inflict damage to belongings, destroy homes, and contaminate food. Known for ruinous feeding habits, silverfish eat starch, which is common in things like books, photographs, wallpaper, clothing, and upholstery. Apart from typically nonedible items, silverfish also enjoy eating flour, sugar, and oats, and because they can eat their cardboard or paper protecting food, it’s easy for them to contaminate food if it’s not protected.

Silverfish are a unique insect, having a distinct look, eating patterns, and behavior. The more you know about them, the better a job you can do of keeping them out of your home. 

Trustworthy Silverfish Control San Antonio

Silverfish are one of the most unwelcome pests with their destructive and invasive habits. In the prime conditions, silverfish can reproduce quickly, and if they have found comfort in your home, you could be swarmed by a fleet of munching, devastating silverfish. When controlling silverfish, you’ll want to call on the right experts to keep them at bay.

Look no further than Urban Texas Pest Control. Our company was founded to change the pest control industry from bad sales gimmicks and poor customer service. We offer long warranties and guarantees for our work, so you can trust we will get the job done right the first time.


With a diet of paper materials and wanting a humid, moist area, certain areas of a home often can be the perfect spot for a silverfish. You’ll find them anywhere from hiding in the bathtub or sink, munching on food in the kitchen, or eating cardboard storage boxes or other documents in the basement or attic. Outdoors, they may reside in the soil of a garden, stack of firewood, or pile of leaves.

Because they’re such a versatile pest, be on the lookout for signs of infestation. You may be able to notice a silverfish problem from feeding marks on a surface. Silverfish don’t have strong jaws, so these marks include small holes, notches, or scratches on any common silverfish feeding item. In affected areas, there will also be yellow stains or tiny black pellets of feces. You will be able to quickly recognize a silverfish from their distinct look and quick, darting side-to-side movements like a fish.


Urban Texas Pest Control can help treat your silverfish problem. Our process of course first includes a thorough inspection in and around your home. We can identify possible areas of inspection and customize a treatment solution for you. With trusted chemicals and trained experts, we’ll be in and out so you can get back to your pest free living.


Like any problem, you can play a role in the beginning to reduce or eliminate it. The first step is to remove excessive moisture or humid areas in your home, possibly with a dehumidifier, especially in areas like your attic and basement. Patching up possible entry points is smart too, such as by caulking areas you think aren’t completely shut off. Many report that silverfish can enter through poor roofs, if that’s a potential area of concern for your home.

In areas of storage or excess paper, be sure there is no humidity or moisture, like wet books or boxes, so fixing leaks is essential as well. Proper yard maintenance will eliminate outdoor silverfish hotspots. Good, consistent cleaning and organization goes a long way with handling pests.

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