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Crickets in San Antonio, TX

In the vast distance on a quiet night, one thing you can always count on hearing under the Texas sky is crickets. But what if those crickets aren’t so far away? If crickets ever invade your home, their constant chirping can quickly turn into one of the biggest pest nuisances.

Crickets are nocturnal creatures that typically stay outside, but it’s not out of the question for them to enter a home looking for food or moisture. As the weather gets colder, crickets also look for a different source of shelter, which can make your bright house or building an attractive place for them to flock to. Although crickets are not harmful, their loud presence is annoying and they are a food source for predators.

Trustworthy Cricket Control San Antonio

If crickets do enter your home, they are hard to find. They’re mainly active at night and will even stay silent if they feel threatened. You’ll need a trustworthy pest control service you can rely on to quickly and discreetly get the job finished. Look no further than the professionals at Urban Texas Pest Control.

With some of their destructive habits, you’ll be glad you contacted Urban Texas Pest Control. Crickets can feed on almost anything, so it’s common for them to eat plants in and other vegetation around your home or even chew on fabrics or paper. Urban Texas Pest Control offers services specifically designed to remove any pest from your home in the San Antonio area.


Crickets will enter a home primarily looking for a source of food or water, but they may just stumble in since they are attracted to bright lights. Similar to most pests’ entry, crickets enter a home through a crack or hole outside the home, which is commonly near the roof or exterior of the basement.

Once in there, crickets typically have everything they want: smaller insects to feast on, excessive moisture, and a dark spot to hangout. They may wander to other heat-driven areas, like the furnace or fireplace. Always check these areas first for any pest problem.


Urban Texas Pest Control can help alleviate your cricket worries. We offer a customized treatment based on your home and situation, it’s backed up after years of cricket control experience. Our team will inspect your home, looking for points of entry and any possibly infected areas.

With trained technicians, we’ll find a chemical treatment that is environmentally and pet friendly to spray around the perimeter of your home and in any areas where there seems to be crickets.

As a family-owned company, we treat every home like it’s ours. We take good care to leave it in the best and safest condition possible.


Crickets, as mainly outdoor residents, will gather and crowd a home outside and eventually may even wander inside your home. With that being said, it’s best to prevent crickets by taking care of your home’s surrounding area first.

You can be proactive by keeping firewood away from your home and even elevating it above the ground with a firewood rack. Clean up piles of leaves and remove ground cover in landscaping from nearby your home.

And it’s safe to hang bug zappers in outdoor fixtures or even “bug” light bulbs that attract fewer crickets.

Indoors, you will want to seal off any exterior cracks or holes. This will stop not just crickets, but virtually all pests. Regularly clean cluttered and dark areas, such as attic spaces or fireplaces. You can put a dehumidifier in humid rooms to disincentivize pests from hanging around.

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Bring back the quiet, calm, and peace of your home by getting rid of crickets. Contact Urban Texas Pest Control for a free inspection. We look forward to earning your business and showing why we pride ourselves on superior customer service.

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