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Bark Scorpions in San Antonio, TX

Scorpions are, rightfully so, one of the most feared pests throughout the United States. After all, they are venomous, look intimidating, and are predators to insects, spiders, centipedes, and other scorpions. Scorpions are a pest that no one wants to enter their home, but unfortunately, they are one of the most common pests in Texas. 

Of all the scorpions that wander Texas, the striped bark scorpion is one of the most common and venomous species. A bark scorpion’s venom can cause erratic muscle movements, heart palpitations, heart or lung issues, and other physical discomfort that can last for days. While their stings are not usually lethal, you certainly don’t want to get stung by one. A victim of a bark scorpion bite, should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Do you have a scorpion problem causing trouble in your home? Urban Texas Pest Control has a solution for you.

Trustworthy Bark Scorpion Control San Antonio

As one of the more dangerous pests, don’t take scorpion infestations lightly. Rather than trying to handle a bark scorpion problem on your own, it’s best for you and your family’s safety to hire professionals to take care of the job. Urban Texas Pest Control will handle any bark scorpion problem with care and speed, bringing peace back into your mind and San Antonio home.


Bark scorpions invade your home in search of food or moisture, but scorpions are unique in that they seek a home primarily for shelter. Bark scorpions hide during the day to avoid direct sunlight and heat so a dark, moist area of a home is an ideal spot for them.

Texas homes are known to even be more humid than the outside, so pests can find solace in the indoor moisture. At night, bark scorpions will travel around to eat. A home with insects already present will provide another benefit for a scorpion to shack up inside, a food source!

You can identify a bark scorpion from their tan, yellow-orange color and stripes from head to tail. They also have thinner tails and pincers than other scorpions with two dark eyes on top of their head. Bark scorpions have a strong ability to climb, allowing them to hide in various places.


Because scorpions pose such a threat, you will want to be sure to be proactive to keep them away. Getting rid of excess clutter can eliminate a common hiding spot, especially for bark scorpions who can climb to multiple areas of the house, such as your attic. Inspect the perimeter of your home for gaps and cracks and seal them with caulk. This will do wonders for your home’s pest control.

Most scorpions stay outside and only enter a home as a last resort. This means that taking care of your yard and other possible scorpion outsides will deter any scorpions from lingering on your property and eventually migrating indoors. Trim your grass regularly, keep piles of firewood away from your home, and get rid of leaf piles or other organic build up.


Knowing that scorpions are primarily looking for food, water, or shelter, you should be able to implement a few tricks to prevent them from invading your space. While a clean home is a great start, it isn’t enough. Sealing off any entry points is essential. When Urban Texas Pest Control inspects your home, we can point out problematic areas you should take care of. This will stop their means to enter.

Once you eliminate their entrance, you’ll want to discourage them from entering in the first place by cracking down on open food sources. Sealing food, taking out the trash regularly, and avoiding cluttered spots will give them nothing to munch on if they find their way in. On top of that, fixing leaky pipes and putting a dehumidifier in the attic or basement will cut down on the moisture present in your home.

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