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Even if you don’t have pets, ticks are a troublesome pest that can cause havoc for your family. Most tick bites are harmless, but some can cause diseases such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever due to the germs they carry. Tick bite victims will have a red bump with a rash, red dots on their wrists or ankles, and even flu-like symptoms. You are able to remove a tick yourself, but if symptoms worsen it is best to seek medical attention.

The worst part of a tick bite is that it means you and your family are facing an entire tick infestation. They may have already spread in your home or throughout your yard. Ticks breed quickly and in large numbers so if you find one, there are surely more close by. If you want to quickly and effectively handle a tick infestation, then you’ll need to call an experienced pest management company like Urban Texas Pest Control.

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The San Antonio area has been having increased tick infestation cases. Even if you handle a tick problem once, there is a chance the issue can return. You’ll want professionals that can keep ticks and other pests away. Urban Texas Pest Control was founded to shake up the pest control industry by putting the customer first with excellent service, affordable prices, and warranties for long-term home safety and happiness


The most common cause of ticks entering your home is from a family member or pet spending an excessive amount of time outside in areas where ticks tend to lurk, such as wooded or bushy areas. Ticks, like most pests, are particularly active when the weather is warmer. Ticks attach themselves on your or your pet’s body and then bury themselves into skin. From there, a tick is likely to reproduce, laying eggs near furniture, edges of rugs, or floorboards.

Ticks, like bed bugs, rely on blood to survive and develop. This makes them persistent to find a host and reproduce, which is bad news for any tick infested homeowner.



As mentioned, you’ll want to remove a tick from you, your family, or a pet right away. The longer it is buried within skin, the more damage it does and and the likelihood of disease will increase. You can remove a tick with a fast upward movement with tweezers. If you twist, bend, or try to burn a tick off, it can cause further infection. If you’re worried about any process of this, it could be smart to have a family member or friend try before seeking medical help.

However, when treating a tick infestation, there is little you’ll want to do by yourself. Trust the experts at Urban Texas Pest Control to handle this. We will first thoroughly inspect your home and property to offer a tailored, customized solution. Our team uses trusted chemicals around your property that will kill ticks and stop them from returning.


Because most ticks reside outside, regularly maintaining your yard and property are key elements to preventing ticks. Mowing grass, cutting low hanging branches or vines, and trimming fence areas will get rid of favorite tick spots.

Regularly applying chemical solutions around the property will prevent ticks. Additionally, it is best to check children, pets, and yourself after being outside near wooded, bushy areas. Commonly infected areas include the scalp, around the neck, under the arms, and in eyebrows.

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Urban Texas Pest Control knows how frustrating a pest infestation can be, especially if it’s a tiny, discrete bug like a tick. We treat every customer and their house like our own. As a family-owned company, we know what it means to provide exceptional service with a guarantee of our success.

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