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Fire Ants in San Antonio

Fire ants are a common problem in the hot and humid climate of San Antonio, and they may even be the worst to have in the area. Fire ants are harmful to humans, having a sting and venom injection that can cause excessive itching, sweating, or nausea. Medical services should be contacted immediately if a victim experiences these symptoms, because a fire ant’s sting can be fatal to some, especially those susceptible to an allergic reaction.

On top of being harmful, fire ants are also an extreme nuisance to any homeowner. They are found virtually anywhere around a yard and they build mounds which are hard to get rid of, ultimately leaving an eye sore around the house. Fire ants also travel in colonies, which can contain between 100,000 to 500,000 ants. Needless to say, a fire ant infestation is not something you want to try to handle on your own. Trust the pros at Urban Texas to eliminate your fire ant problems.

Signs of Fire Ant Infestations and Identification

A fire ant is recognizable with a dull red or brown color, and they are approximately 3/8ths of an inch. They have a stinger unlike many other ants, but unless you are up close, it can still be difficult to distinguish a fire ant apart from other ants. If you suspect you see fire ants, consult a pest control expert for verification and treatment. 

The biggest sign of a fire ant infestation is the mound nests they make in sunny areas by pushing up soil digging into the ground. The mounds are more visible after a recent rainfall, because the softer soil is easier to tunnel through and more enjoyable as ants depend on moisture. You will also notice ants traveling in swarms, so stay alert for any insect activity, especially heightened activity in one area – you are likely close to where a nest is being built.

Fire Ant Prevention

Fire ants are motivated to invade a home for sources of food. Ants have a great sense of smell, and this is largely what drives them to a home. If there is food or other sweet scents out, they will be attracted to it. Ants can secrete a pheromone to communicate to other ants and let them know where they found a new food source. As social creatures and traveling in colonies, it is imperative to cut off ants from the start to eliminate a full blown infestation.

Regular cleaning, treatment, and preventative tools are best to avoid fire ants. They especially seem to appear in the fall and spring seasons. Baiting twice a year will help play a part in proper prevention. When deciding between what bait, chemicals, and treatment to use, it’s best to count on the pest control experts. You can contact the team at Urban Texas for advice and a quote to keep fire ants away.

As for the yard, pest control can be a little more difficult than just cleaning to fend off ants’ appetites. With no natural predators and an aggressive disposition to colonize quickly, fire ants can be a sure problem near a home. You can control fire ants around your yard with deliberate treatment and baiting. Even destroying mounds created by fire ants in your yard won’t work, because they aren’t essential to a fire ant’s survival. This means you’ll need to rely on the experts for help.

Why Urban Texas

Urban Texas is a family-owned pest control company that is dedicated to changing the pest control industry. Pest control companies often overcharge customers and have confusing, unfriendly sales gimmicks. Urban Texas was founded to shake up the industry.  

With exceptional customer service, long warranties and guarantees, and trained professionals, Urban Texas is the pest control company for you. We have a goal to treat every customers’ house like our own, so we leave it clean and pest free. Contact us today for a free quote for your fire ant or other pest infestation.

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