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Earwigs in San Antonio, TX

Found primarily in the southern and southwestern parts of the United States, earwigs are one of the less-known insects to the rest of Americans. But to Texans, they can cause quite a problem if they invade your home. As one of the more common pests in the Texas area, Urban Texas has had its hand at dealing with and eradicating them from our customers’ homes.

Although not dangerous or harmful to people, earwigs are still a nuisance to any homeowner. Their flat bodies make it optimal for them to enter houses through even the tiniest of holes and cracks. That’s why it’s best to let the experts take care of your earwig problem, because it can be tough to handle on your own.

Trustworthy Earwigs Control San Antonio

A semi-social creature, an earwig may be seen traveling in groups. Mother earwigs additionally stay with and care for their eggs until they reach the nymph stage. This all means that if you see one earwig wandering around your yard, plants, or home, there could be more nearby soon. Luckily, Urban Texas is here to assist with an earwig, or any pest infestation.  

Our friendly and experienced team is quick to spring into action to quench your earwig problem. We invest in training and educating our team on the best practices to be in and out of your house so that you won’t have to worry about pests anymore.


Earwigs, similar to most insects, are attracted to moisture, especially in dark, sheltered areas. Outdoors, earwigs like to burrow in leaf piles, soil, plants, under rocks, etc. Earwigs are active at night and prefer to stay outdoors, except during rough outdoor conditions where they will seek somewhere inside as their new burrow.

However, it’s not uncommon for earwigs to end up indoors accidentally through plants or fruits. If they do get indoors, you can find them in the basement, attic, crawl spaces, or other cluttered, dark areas within your home.

You can identify an earwig by their unique body type, which consists of large pincers at the end of their abdomen, cerci, and small wings. They range in length between ¼ to 1 ¼ inches and are a brownish black. Earwigs feed on smaller insects and decaying, organic matter like moss or algae, but they also enjoy oily, sweet foods.


While their appearance can be intimidating compared to other insects, earwigs are virtually harmless. They rarely pinch people, but even if they do, their pinch doesn’t break skin, and they don’t bite or sting. Still, your home is a sanctuary, and you should keep it that way. Get rid of earwigs as soon as you spot them with Urban Texas.

Our prompt and effective treatment consists first of a full home inspection. We’ll keep our eyes out for signs of any pest infestation. Our team will identify trouble spots and use chemical application on any areas we think cause concern. For earwig issues, we can also foam suspected entry points, such as holes or crevices, around your home.


Apart from Urban Texas’s successful team, you can be proactive to prevent earwigs from entering your home or aggregating in your yard. The first step is to seal cracks easily with caulk and reduce moisture in humid areas with a dehumidifier. 

Around the house, maintain your lawn well by cutting tall grass and shrubs. This will increase light into your home and eliminate common hiding spaces for earwigs. Cleaning gutters will keep water from building up near your home. A leaky gutter can create a prime environment for earwigs to gather.

Inside, you can also take some preventative steps by fixing leaks in your plumbing. Leaks can especially happen in low-traffic areas, like your attic and basement which make them ideal for an earwig. Sealing gaps around windows and doorways is another stop to earwigs entry.

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Like all pest problems, be ahead of the game by having the pros work for you. We can do regularly occurring inspections and treatments to keep your home safe year-round. Contact us for a free quote to stop your earwig or pest problem.

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