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Everyone knows how much of a pest bees are. They invade space, can be aggressive if threatened, travel and nest in large groups, and their stings have a mild pain and possibly serious effects if the victim is allergic. In short, no one wants to be around bees, and no homeowner especially wants them crowding around their yard, garden, or, worse, their home.

When dealing with bees, you’ll first want to make sure to distinguish it between a bee and a wasp. The treatments are different between the two insects. If you’re having trouble identifying whether you have a bee or wasp nest on your hands, don’t hesitate to call Urban Texas Pest Control. We can help you identify it over the phone, through a text message, or even come over in person for a free inspection and quote.

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Bees are extremely social creatures, meaning they can have several generations in a nest at the same time. When you notice one bee buzzing around, it’s more than likely that there are a handful closer by. Like most people, you don’t want one bee around you, let alone a dozen. So, if there is a nest in your house, you’ll want it removed as quickly as possible. You should trust professional pest control to handle your bee infestations.

Look no further than Urban Texas Pest Control. Our professionals know firsthand how much of a nuisance bees can be and getting rid of them is like second nature to us. We can quickly inspect your home, identify potential problems, and eliminate pests from your property sometimes as fast as in the same day.


Bees primarily invade a home looking for a nest. Chances are, if a bee is in your home, there could be a nest nearby your property. Bees will enter a home through attics, gutters, or vents from your kitchen or bathroom. They may even travel through floorboards, electrical outlets, or holes in the wall. With a nest close, bees can be buzzing around your home constantly if you don’t stop them at the source.

The “swarming” season, typically in early May, will have you noticing stronger, more active colonies. They can unfortunately find an ideal spot to build a nest inside your home. Bees will build nests in chimneys, wall voids, garages or sheds outside your home.


The best treatment to removing bees from your property is cutting them off at the source by entirely removing the nest. Urban Texas Pest Control can help with removal for safety and efficiency, you don’t want a swarm of bees attacking you by removing a nest yourself. As mentioned, bees are very aggressive and territorial if they are threatened. We don’t recommend any homeowner try to treat their bee problem alone. It could be painful and dangerous considering how many bees can attack you.

Urban Texas Pest Control offers a customized solution for your bee problem. We treat every home just like it is our own, so we’re quick and discrete. We’ll remove a bee nest, use a chemical treatment to better keep them away, and fix any trouble areas.



A bee’s nest can bring plenty of other issues other than a big nest near your home. With honey inside the nest, this could attract other insects, stain structures, and slowly erode support structures. You’ll want to play your part to keep them out in the first place.

Bees consume nectar from flowers, and this is their primary source of energy. So, you can prevent them by avoiding flowers and plants that bees are attracted to. These include honeysuckles, clovers, poppies, and oregano and thyme herbs. Like us, they are attracted to bright plants. If you insist on a garden with these plants, spraying a chemical solution at potential nesting areas can help keep them away. Or have Urban Texas Pest Control regularly visit your home for a preventative treatment.

Outdoors, bees make nests in sheds or even outdoor grills, so it is effective to cover grills or seal sheds to keep them out. Indoors, you can reduce how bees travel by covering electrical outlets and caulking holes or cracks in walls or floorboards.

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